These are just a few of the services I offer. Ask me about something that you need. I can customize anything for you.

Power Hour – Marketing Strategies for your business – Let’s spend some time analyzing and organizing your marketing ideas. We can come up with a plan for you to move forward on your own. Sometimes, you are simply too close to your business to make an accurate plan.  I can help.

Email Newsletters – ” Could you just do the entire thing for me?” I get that question often. Sure – Newsletters look easy, but it takes planning and plenty of set up time to get it right – your voice, your look and your intent. I also can set it up for you, do it for 3-6 months, then you can take over. There are many options. Prices vary depending on how much time and effort you want to put in.  I am a “Solutions Provider” with Constant Contact, a leader in the industry, which means I am “certified” to write your newsletter. It also means I keep updated constantly with the latest trends and information.  Click on the  Blue Constant Contact Button to check it out.


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Here are some samples of the newsletters I have written are here. Please remember the look and feel of the newsletter is all about what the customer wants. These are tailored to each business and the look and style that fits their business.

Wilder Hill Gardens

Level Acres Farm

Hadley Garden Center

Healthy Aging Martha’s Vineyard

Website Design – I work with two  great website designers who specialize in working with small businesses and the  horticultural industry. First, you and I will go over in detail what you want, what you like and how we can best achieve it. Then we can put it into action and make your site grow. Let’s talk.

Merchandising – Do you always put the annuals in the same spot? Do your displays look drab and lifeless? Are you out of ideas and have a new season approaching? Do you think that you don’t have any more room in your store?

Let me come over and change a few of those ideas. Not only can I access the traffic patterns and product allocation of your store, but I can change the entire look. I cover display, signage, record keeping, and inventory control.  Most helpful is when there is a key staff person that I can train and create a training manual for merchandising. I’d love to do that for you.

Training – Customer service skills are crucial in the business. One properly trained staff can increase sales significantly. Your investment will pay off. Does your staff need some new skills and techniques? Would a training about just perennials or just how to sell the new water garden department be needed? We can customize anything.