Email Newsletters Are My Specialty.

 Email Marketing and social media marketing are now essential for small businesses. With my background in the garden center and horticulture industry, I am able to create and implement marketing plans focusing on increasing business and maintaining and cultivating important relationships.   I am a “Solutions Provider” with Constant Contact, a leader in the email industry. […]

Stop, Drop and Role in August?

Your children learn that in school, with an emergency. Stop, drop and roll. At the Garden Center, we don’t have to learn it, it just happens. They just stop.  Sales, customers, ideas, motivation. Yes, almost everything about the Garden Center drops too, if you let it. Ways to Start Rolling.  That’s our learning for August. […]

Still sitting on the bench…Chosen last.

It’s the popular plant syndrome. Spring and early summer perennials are past their prime. They looked great and were sassy, bold, colorful and popular. Then popularity shifts and they are pushed to the side, still healthy and vibrant, but just out of the limelight. It is like that with plants. The popular blooming ones get […]

Is it Bugging You?

Hello Garden Center Owners It’s bugging you, right? The Internet and how everyone can just order inventory, check pricing and even quote the Internet as the almighty source.  How about those people who say, “Just Google it”, any time you ask a question.  I heard that quote from a garden center employee last week and […]