Useful Resources for Us to Share

 Hi Fellow Garden Center Owner,  I will be speaking at the Massachusetts Flower Growers Association meeting, now scheduled for Thursday January 29th.  My topic is Value Added Products and Services for your Garden Center and I am excited to share all sorts of ideas with this group.This talk inspired me to create an email containing […]

How a Consultant Changed My Life

        My garden center, Eden Market & Garden Center  was 20 years old and stale. In 2008 sales were dismal and I was struggling to find a direction for my business that made sense. Magically, my college roommate (now working for a consulting firm) showed up to consult with a business in […]

Consulting as a Transformational Tool

Yes, you are still in business after (fill in the blank) years and Yes, you have done it mostly yourself. Congratulations. But do you really want to keep working those long hours, when the margins are being whittled away, the competition is now offering  similar product lines and your motivation is dragging? I know that […]

Five Things to Consider

When you are considering hiring a consultant for your business, Here are five essentials. 1. Do you connect with the person who will be consulting with you? Do you respect them, their experience and their ideas? Get to know them. 2. Are you ready to be coached and are you coachable? Coaching/consulting can be a […]

Fill Your Own Stocking

Hi Fellow Garden Center Owner, Aren’t you glad that your garden center is not dependent on the month of December for 19.2 percent of your annual sales? According to the National Retail Federation that is what most retailers experience. It varies according to the industry of course.  But we certainly know the urgency of our […]

Newsletters for Garden Center Owners

        When I had my garden center, I gobbled up anything and everything I could find to help my business grow. Thus my new newsletter for garden center owners – Growing Up – Inspiring Garden Center Growth, one newsletter at a time.  I welcome suggestions and comments and of course, please add […]

Events made Easier – Deadlines and Data

I have been working on an event for Garden Center owners. It has been all time consuming and a lot of logistics. It is a profit-focused workshop at Tower Hill Botanic Gardens on November 7…..  Oops, I am starting to promote it, sorry. It’s just that my calendar says that I am in the promoting part of event planning, so […]