Useful Resources for Us to Share

 Hi Fellow Garden Center Owner,

 I will be speaking at the Massachusetts Flower Growers Association meeting, now scheduled for Thursday January 29th.  My topic is Value Added Products and Services for your Garden Center and I am excited to share all sorts of ideas with this group.This talk inspired me to create an email containing a group of resources that have helped me and continue to inspire me.

Constant Contact – Using it right now. It’s really easy and that email list WILL be valuable to you.( I can give you or your staff a tutorial on it)

James Clear Newsletter– Honest strategies for living healthy. A dynamic newsletter about habit, success and just being honest with yourself. It sounds hokey, but I find myself sharing it regularly.

TED Talks – Talks to stir your curiosity. Think “new products.”

C.L. Fornari – The Garden Lady – She is a writer, speaker and is always current on what is happening in the gardening world.

Garden Writers Association – A valuable  association of garden people. A great place to look, if you want to promote a new product or just find writers for any kind of project.

Today’s Garden Center -THE trade magazine with very current, very useful and very insightful articles.

Ball Publishing -They sponsor several newsletters that are right on target. I especially enjoy the one written by Ellen Wells, called Buzz, which is directed to Garden Center owners and Acres Online, by Chris Beytes. They are worth your time, for sure.

Blue Penguin Development |Solo Marketing – Great guy, great advice – He has helped me with many projects and always inserts a bit of humor.

Garden Media Group – 2015 Trends Report

Moore Consulting – A consulting group with products designed specifically for Garden Centers. It’s main focus is to attract new customers. I especially like the New Homeowners Program, but they have moore( pun intended) programs also.

Feel free to add your comments – or your favorite resource.