How a Consultant Changed My Life

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My garden center, Eden Market & Garden Center  was 20 years old and stale. In 2008 sales were dismal and I was struggling to find a direction for my business that made sense. Magically, my college roommate (now working for a consulting firm) showed up to consult with a business in my area. She stayed overnight and amongst other things – a few glasses of wine and rehashing some college tales – she told me about the CHAIR syndrome.  
“When you look at it close up, you can’t tell it’s a chair; it’s hard to see the problems when you are so close to them. When you step back, you can see that the chair has a broken leg. Then and only then, you can begin to fix it.”  It pays to have a deeper, broader and an unbiased view of the situation.
Using a consultant, I began to look clearly at my business with experience and expertise on my side.
With the help of an experienced professional, I was able to  transform my business. He also changed my career path and helped me recognize that it was time for me to sell the business and move into helping others with their businesses.   
Consulting is the best way I know to make significant changes in your life and your business.  I continue to be passionate about helping  garden centers and businesses of all types make these transformations possible.