Consulting as a Transformational Tool

Yes, you are still in business after (fill in the blank) years and Yes, you have done it mostly yourself. Congratulations.
But do you really want to keep working those long hours, when the margins are being whittled away, the competition is now offering  similar product lines and your motivation is dragging?

I know that hiring a consultant may fly in the face of that Garden Center owner independence, but it may be the first step in creating the balance in life that you thought your business would have given you, and hasn’t yet.

Hiring a consultant, just might be the fresh eyes that you need.

There are all different types of consulting situations specific to the Garden Center Industry, aren’t we lucky?
Ian Baldwin, a familiar name in the industry offers a “Garden Center University” style of coaching. The Garden Center Group offers an alliance of garden centers which work together to share information and build alliances with other garden center owners. Several smaller organizations,including Constant Growth, (my business) offer individualized consulting focused on the specific needs of their clients. All can be transformational.

Consultants can offer

1. Years of experience – Been there, done that kind of experience.
2. Confident decision-making advice specific to your  goals and action plans.
2. Accountability ( all of us need that!) to make it happen and not just talk about it.
3. Clear follow up based on data, not just a “gut” feeling.
4. A template for future decisions