Five Things to Consider

When you are considering hiring a consultant for your business,

Here are five essentials.

1. Do you connect with the person who will be consulting with you? Do you respect them, their experience and their ideas? Get to know them.

2. Are you ready to be coached and are you coachable? Coaching/consulting can be a very powerful look into your business and your personal style. Are you ready to hear hard information?

3. Are you financially ready to make an investment in your business? Yes, good consulting costs money. Anything transformational is well worth the price. A good consultant will help you achieve all your goals, especially the financial ones. How much is that worth? Can you afford not to?

4. Can you commit to the time it may take? A consultant needs your time to clearly assess your individual situation. It’s just like learning a new product line; it takes time. (I’ll never forget starting out in the water gardening world and realizing that I needed to learn an entirely new set of plant material.)

5. Is the type of consulting compatible with your timing, finances and your personal style? Are you ready?

Hiring a consultant means you are taking a step to improve not only your business, but also your life and future life situation. Why wait? It will not happen magically.