Events made Easier – Deadlines and Data

I have been working on an event for Garden Center owners. It has been all leaf largetime consuming and a lot of logistics. It is a profit-focused workshop at Tower Hill Botanic Gardens on November 7…..

 Oops, I am starting to promote it, sorry. It’s just that my calendar says that I am in the promoting part of event planning, so basically I talk about it, eat, breathe and sleep it. Clicking here will stop me talking about it.

 The planning of such an event feels similar to planning an event at my garden center. After 25 years of events, I still get a bit nervous about it all. There are so many details. ( Is a printed piece with a small typo, a small or large detail? Do not tell me if you see one, please.)

 “Prioritize, I keep hearing myself say. “Chunk it down into smaller, more manageable pieces”. Do I dare delegate the donations part of the project, or do I, as the owner,  just do it myself because I have the relationships with these people? Do I stay up late again, so it can be done right or delegate and take a deep breath?

Will anyone really notice and does anyone really care?

 How many times should I rewrite/ redo/revise the wording and when isenough just enough.

 DEADLINES   They are helpful and critical really.

  1. Take out the calendar.
  2. Work backwards.
  3. Plan in extra days, “just in case”.
  4. Schedule all the big projects and assign hours to them.
  5. Delegate most, yes you heard me, most of them.
  6. Your job is to oversee the event and give your staff ownership of it, creating more buy in for them. That is a good thing.
  7. Give them the tools they need to be successful.
  8. Then monitor and record it.
  9. Do not micromanage.

 DATA    Here is where historical data will come in handy. Recording the weather, how many candied apples you sold, the number of staff, the best sellers and so forth. This is critical for less stress next year.

 Start now; here is a very simple event summary sheet

It is meant to be a template – a start.  We all know how hard it is to get started. Print it out, delegate it and have it handy for next year.

Meanwhile – come to the workshop

Go for the Growth !
Garden Centers and Their Owners Grow Up
  An Interactive, Profit-Focused Workshop

 on November 7 at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston, MA
For more information – Click here.