Stop, Drop and Role in August?

Your children learn that in school, with an emergency. Stop, drop and roll. At the Garden Center, we don’t have to learn it, it just happens.

They just stop.  Sales, customers, ideas, motivation. Yes, almost everything about the Garden Center drops too, if you let it.

Ways to Start Rolling.  That’s our learning for August. ( It does not mean rolling your eyes, either.)

Recharge – The best way to roll is to take a pause, then go. So, remember your family vacation and make those memories. The fall will be here soon enough.

Regroup & Reevaluate – Time to do those staff evaluations that you dread so much. Re frame it for yourself as a way to reward, retrain and regroup. Create a self evaluation form for your staff to fill out first, then you have a mutual form of communication with some input from them.

Keep an Eye on the Payroll – With little income coming in, shorten the hours, decrease the staff and get lean. Payroll can eat  you up this time of year.

Clean up – Even if it is slow, keep it neat. First impressions, last impressions, always neat.

Create a Spark – Maybe a one time event. A charity, a fundraiser. Brainstorm it for next year. Align with a group who may need a space and host their event.  I know one garden center who hosts a “Gallery in the Garden” event every Friday in August. Great idea.

Get Inspired – The Independent Garden Center Show  in Chicago is  a stellar event with loads of inspiration.  See you there!