Is it Bugging You?

Hello Garden Center Owners

It’s bugging you, right? The Internet and how everyone can just order inventory, check pricing and even quote the Internet as the almighty source.  How about those people who say, “Just Google it”, any time you ask a question.  I heard that quote from a garden center employee last week and cringed.  No, we are supposed to know that information and that is why they come to us, especially when it comes to bugs.
Bugs and the Internet. Yes, there are apps that identify them and there are also sites that will tell you, just what to do about them. But really  – the customer wants to come to you with the sample (hopefully in a zip lock bag), complain a bit, while you listen and then buy something, anything and walk away with the problem correctly identified and solved.

You become the hero, if you do it right.

Doing it right means

1. Having knowledgeable staff on hand daily or at certain advertized times who know not only know how to answer bug and disease related questions, but also how to eradicate them.
2. Advertize that you are the source for accurate information concerning bugs, insects and diseases.
3. Get some press about the fact that due to the weather, the bugs have been really bugging people and you know how to help.

They can’t get this on the Internet. Someone listening, accurately identifying and getting their problem solved – right away.

Promote this – NOW is the time.
The Bug Doctor is in.