Constant Growth Marketing & Consulting, that’s me.

Constant Growth Marketing & Consulting is an accumulation of 25 years of experience owning my garden center, as well as numerous other business creations of mine.

( see that marketing resume  or the resume with all the business experience, if you like)  I have always loved marketing and love helping other business owners with any and all business issues.  Yeah! It could look as simple as answering some questions and getting some coaching from me. It could also take the form of working with me in conjunction with Alyssa Dver of Mint Green Marketing, who has years of experience with all levels of marketing and in many countries. Any way you slice it, I’d love to work with you. As you know, I am partnered with Constant Contact, an email newsletter provider. That is a fun way to start also.
Take a peek at my Linkedin page if you want some  recommendations.